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Artificial intelligence is becoming an essential instrument in ensuring that different businesses enjoy profit and growth. Large firms have invested heavily in artificial intelligence-related technologies. AI, apart from ensuring profitability, also changes the entire industry and impact specific business strategies. However, most of these organizations looking to adopt artificial intelligence are not sure of how to deploy it. They are torn between buying, building, or outsourcing. According to reports, 35% of companies that are using artificial intelligence are still in the piloting or implementing stage. That said, here are some essential tips for strengthening AI infrastructure, allowing an organization to continue using AI, developing it, and applying it without compromising its performance.

TIP 1. Improve Security

 An organization can decide to use artificial intelligence to handle essential data and information, such as financial information and patient records. In case such data is accessed or altered, the organization is likely to make wrong decisions, which can be disastrous for any organization. It is, therefore, vital to secure the AI infrastructure from end to end using top-notch technology. 

Tip 2. Storage capacity

 To strengthen AI infrastructure, make sure that the organization’s storage capacity is enough to store the ever-growing volumes of data. Many factors determine the type of storage they choose. First, it is the level of artificial intelligence they are using. Also, they must identify whether there will be a need to make any real-time decision. In such a scenario, the company will require fast, all-flash storage. On the other hand, other organizations can decide to use slow but large storage capacities. Additionally, organizations must always have an expansion plan as databases tend to grow over time.

Tip 3. High computing capacity

 It is vital for organizations using artificial intelligence to take advantage of the benefits that accrue from using it. The organizations require resources with high computing capacity to execute the different functions of AI and its workloads. Such resources include CPUs and GPUs. However, GPUS are more effective compared to CPUs.

Tip 4. Improve network infrastructure

 Networking is one of the main components of artificial intelligence infrastructure. The algorithms running AI depend on the network to execute different functions. Improving network infrastructure also improves AI infrastructure. If a company decides to outsource, then they should choose a network provider that is consistent regardless of the region. 

 It is, therefore, important for different organizations to adopt and try to strengthen artificial intelligence infrastructure, to increase profits and improve services rendered to their clients.